A Choice of Evils, Chapter One

Fiction is a partnership between author and reader. No author can create a fictional reality alone — stories only come to life in the minds of the readers. Readers may imagine the story in ways the author never anticipated. The words of the author and the imagination of the reader combine to create the story.

A Choice of Evils is a serial project that will rely even more on the author-reader collaboration. Every week, on Wednesday, I will post a new chapter of the story. From Wednesday through Sunday, you, the reader, will make suggestions about where the story should go. What should happen next? What did these events really mean? What is the next twist? It’s all up to you. I’ll take the best suggestion, and write it into the next chapter.

Collaborations like this can take stories to places neither author nor reader ever anticipated. I hope you decide to participate. This will be fun for everyone involved.

Go read chapter one now! And don’t forget to comment!

(The image on this page is modified from “choose your way” by Alex Yosifov. It is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.)

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